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I can't say I'm a big fan of James Bond. I've only seen 2 bond films fully and bits and pieces of several others. I was still curious to see Casino Royale though. The TV spots had me interested. I'm happy to say I didn't like it but loved it! I wouldn't care if I only watched this Bond adventure and none of the others because this was enough great Bond for me. But of course I will check out the others sometime but Casino Royale was still enough for this action fan.

Daniel Craig was one tough and rough Bond. Pierce Bronson was a cool Bond but I never found him to be a tough guy. Craig's Bond was one I wouldn't want to meet in an alley. He is my personal favorite of the Bonds I have seen. Although the movie is not loaded with action, what it delivered hit the right spot. The opening action scene was exhausting to watch, in a good way. I was out of breath by the time it ended. Good stuff.

The airport action sequence didn't have me out of breathe but at the edge of my seat. I was biting my nails awaiting the outcome, I dig that! The final action scene had me yelping like a happy action fan. Overall I was satisfied. I would have personally paced the action differently but I still loved it none the less. Although I'm not poker person I found the story and the card game featured in the story to be mucho interesting.

I was glued to the screen during the card playing scenes. The villain of the film, Le Chiffre was very solid and I loved how he wasn't a typical James Bond villain. His torture scene with Bond was not only painful but freaking hilarious! I also grooved to the opening of the film, which was shot in Black and White. I found it to be classy. Daniel Craig (James Bond) was rough, tough, smart and had those piercing blue eyes that made me fear him. The new bond?

You bet your sweet arse he is. Eva Green (Vesper) was hot, charming and mr lucky fortune cookie slot machine likable as Bond's new love interest. Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre) was a different kind of Bond villain and downplayed his cold demeanor to a T. I loved it. Judi Dench (M) is not seen much but makes sure she reminds us of her great acting skills when she's onscreen. Great acting all around. Martin Campbell's professional directing hit all the right spots in terms of slick angles, smooth camera movements and overall energy of the film.

The action sequences are breathtaking. The music score by David Arnold was solid. The Bond theme is great as usual. The violence here goes as far as a PG-13 can let it go. Some bullet wounds and more. You see red. Personally I think they should let Bond go R rated next time, he deserves it. Any negative thoughts? I found the opening song to be quite unmemorable and bad. Better luck next time. In the end Casino Royale hit all the right spots with me. The story was interesting, the action was excellent and Daniel Craig was great as the new Bond.

Highly Recommended. 8/10